Album Review

Jason Rodriguez- HeartStrings


Jason Rodriguez is a melodic progressive metal instrumentalist who released a stellar album last year titled “HeartStrings”.  He is not of the norm for an instrumentalist….sure he’s a great guitar player but he’s not a “show off” if you know what I mean.  He’s written an album based on rhythm and music….not a bunch of awesome sounding noodling, and I think it’s pretty sweet. Jay locks down a groove pretty dang well, and there’s also all sorts of synth and electronics for you club goers. It’s great to see more artists expand their repertoire and try something new just like another similar artist I really dig Infinitee (even Divinex).

I do dig his guitar work outside of his meaty, groovy djenty riffs.  He has a melodic style that is very heartfelt, not a wild guitar clinic.  His playing is very emotional, pretty much anything but robotic.  If you wanna try something new Jason Rodriguez is a great place to start.  His mix of metal and electronic music make it very dynamic and entertaining…..either sound doesn’t totally overpower the other, to be honest.  “HeartStrings” is a well written album for modern instrumental music.  Somebody get this guy to open up for Animals As Leaders or Plini STAT!

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