Catalyst release shreddy new single “To Unleash Thy Heinous Fate”

French tech death outfit Catalyst dropped a blazing new single earlier this week courtesy of my good friend Austin Weber. The song is titled “To Unleash Thy Heinous Fate” and has become my favorite track from them. It was actually my first experience of them, and then visited their debut full length “The Great Purpose Of The Lords’ from 2019. Just like Canada, France is a huge spot for technical death metal and Catalyst is another great product from France.

It’s a really cool song and gets better every listen. Yes it’s dense but every part has a purpose, it’s not wild for the sake of attention. There’s a lot of melody in there, and yes even singing which can be a touchy subject in death metal. There’s a lot of stellar guitar riffs, great drum work and guitar leads as well. The bass work is stellar and the vocals are great both sung and growled. This song melted my brain and might just do the same to you. It contains everything tech, heavy, melodic, artsy and yes even beautiful.

It’s an atmospheric trip especially that outro which comes down off that climax during the guitar solo ending with a great resolve. I thoroughly enjoyed it and our followers definitely will too. The song is taken from the album “A DIfferent Painting For A New World” which is due out October 14th.

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