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Eaten By Sharks- Eradication

I’ve been enamored with Eaten By Sharks since I saw them with FIrst Fragment in Canada a few years ago. A month ago, I saw they were releasing an album and had to hop at the opportunity. Today, the band dropped that raw and heavy album “Eradication” August 26th. Boy, is it a chunky and groovy riff driven experience. I expect no less with the stellar guitar work and wasn’t disappointed. EBS appeals to a modern death metal fanbase, but have some nods to classic styles of the old school bands.

You want a band that catches your attention? They have no gimmick, they’re pure death metal. Great vocals, heavy ass beating slammy riffs, some awesome drum patterns and flat out impressive songwriting. It’s a huge improvement from the 2019 EP “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”. The album clocks in just around 27 minutes with 7 tracks. After its complete, you feel like you want to run through it again which is a very wise choice. There’s some tasty guitar solos to compliment said riffs, and is a really good album to say the least.

I mean, after all the band focuses on well….SHARKS. How fucking metal is that? This band has dramatically improved ten fold and excited what the lads can accomplish with their best release to date. If any of this tickles your fancy, support the band by clicking on the bandcamp embed above to grab something. This is one release that will fly under a ton of people’s radars and can’t stress enough how good this album is. I hope you enjoyed my quick blurb about “Eradication”. Check it out today, you won’t regret it!

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