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Omnibeing- Polytheria

Omnibeing released their album “Polytheria” within the last week which is the hard work of Vitaly Shemetovets.  It’s an instrumental progressive metal project that’s a bit different from what’s expected stereotypically in the genre.  Vitaly isn’t a true shredder, he has a ton and i mean a TON of a feeling in his guitar solos.  There’s some catchy melodies in his leads that stick with you and is a great thing.  He had some guests do their thing, most notably I recognized Poh Hock (Native Construct Guitarist) and West Thrailkill!

The album has its ambient and atmospheric moments, further enhancing his sound.  He also played bass on the album, as well as being the composter for “Polytheria”.  Evan Sammons was the drummer for the album.  The keyboards and synth are a great addition to the sound of Omnibeing, not just within the music.  There are moments in the songs where its just the keyboard(s), and it’s well….spacey…and cinematic….and well, dreamy.  I love these sections but have to be pulled off in an appropriate manner….because those moments can drag on, or just lull you to sleep.  Vitaly does a great job in not doing too much on these parts, and keeps it simple.  Tastefully done and add a lot of depth and emotion to his music.


The drums are very steady, and are as effective as can be.  Sammons found what works for him and pulled it of really well.  He adds some meaty fills that remind you there’s more than stringed instruments on this instrumental album! A good drummer knows what to do, and not overdo it….his drumming is smart and very effective.  Vitality got the right guy to get the job done on this album.

“Polytheria” is a great debut for this project and isn’t a stereotypical instrumental prog/djent metal album.  It’s pretty cool and stands out a lot.  It doesn’t rely heavily on anything and is a true piece of music.  It’s not a shred fest or a competition showing how fast someone can play on guitar, but in fact a good album from start to finish.  I’m super curious on what a follow up will sound like, but enjoy this modern day beauty…shall we?


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