Ecliptic Official Album Stream “Undulating Echoes Of Stirring Subconscious”

Experimental metal project Ecliptic is premiering their album “Undulating Echoes Of Stirring Subconscious” today with us!  This is the blood, sweat and tears of artist Michael Baer.  He impressively has done everything and those artists are super hard to find.  Like the cover art? You can check out The Lung Swarm Art who did the album cover, and has other extremely impressive pieces if you’re into that style.  I have a few Lung Swarm pieces around my house, you should grab some too while you’re at it!  Ecliptic is a really unusual and original project, but one thing you can’t deny is how heavy it is.  The album will officially be out on September 13th and you should definitely support this cool project.  Here is a synopsis of the project and songwriting process of Ecliptic:

“For this debut, I wanted each song to be an isolated, developed concept independent of each other. Initially, this project was conceptualized as just a noise black metal project, but eventually developed into the final product.

The first track I conceptualized was Ἄλγεα: The Blessing of Pain and Despair. I was going on a Google rabbit hole as I occasionally do, and came across some pages about this piece of Greek mythology relating to pain, grief, and despair. Initially, I improvised a sort of proof-of-concept piece for the second movement, which I later scrapped since I didn’t like how it turned out.

A few months later, I decided to sit down and really hash out how this project was going to sound. I was listening to a good amount of Blood Incantation at the time, so that sort of cavernous, reverberant sound was what I was interested in experimenting with in tandem with the existing concept. I recorded some vocals which I modulated to sound like a choir spelled around the “mystic chord,” as outlined by Alexander Scriabin, with some additional dissonances and transformations to sort of riff at the concept. This plus some guitars and further development would go from proof-of-concept to a fully developed song I wanted to keep, الصحوة من إله الميت.

After that, the track concepts just kept flowing out–a few got scrapped along the way, until I ended up with what I now have on the album (save ||-|||–|-||, which was improvised with plugins and no concept). Unlike Body being a track dealing with my struggle with my own body image, В тумане… being a statement on elder abuse and how we treat Alzheimer’s patients, and Vous Seulement being my homage to Berserk, a piece of fiction I adore.

I wanted this project to be able to encapsulate something more abstract than what I do in my other projects that I have been spending time on, and as such, each track’s concept and execution is meant to represent such a concept.”


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