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Eschaton- Death Obsession

Eschaton is releasing their upcoming album “Death Obsession” this Friday September 13th.  The album is their first full length including remade songs from their 2010 EP “Wake Of The Ophidian”.  Upon my first listen, I was like “these guys aren’t bad….I’ll keep digging further into the album”.  By the time you hit the title track (3rd song in), you’re convinced fully.  They’re a well blended group with enough technical flare that keeps your interest, and they don’t show off for the sake of being complex.  Eschaton has created a sound that will bring in some of the young tech crowd, while keeping it plenty heavy for any death metal fanatic of any era.  The album was a great surprise in our email, and can say is a pretty good album for this group.

The guitar work is pretty impressive.  There’s some pretty nasty riffs and equally as tasteful and complex licks that will put your ears on overload.  They’re not using the same formula every song, so it’s nice to see more death metal bands mix it up rather than rely on speed or super slow rhythms.



Jason Viteri – Vocals
Joshua Berry – Guitar
Jared Berry – Guitar
Pat Pattison -Bass
Darren Cesca – Drums


For any style of death metal, if you have a stellar drummer it can do wonders for your songs and the band as a whole.  Darren Cesca keeps this band afloat and gives the band a lot to work with as a drummer.  If you didn’t know already Cesca is in Deeds Of Flesh and Goratory…..and also had some time spent in ARSIS.  His versatility is a style that is greatly welcomed  by his bandmates in the demanding work in Deeds Of Flesh and melodic style of Arsis.  A veteran such as himself really helped bolster the album and band on countless levels.  The production is also pretty good on the Eschaton debut, you can hear the bass player’s lines! How cool is that? Infamously lots of bassists get buried in the low end and is refreshing to hear bass lines for a change.

The vocals are all over the place, and really shows the dynamics Jason Viteri really has as a vocalist.  He has some pretty good lows, and a good higher range as well to be honest.  He can hang with the band on their heaviest parts and also their quicker sections where he struts his higher end of his vocal range.  It’s an important aspect of their sound and you get a feel for his style the longer the album goes on.  And by the way, they have a nasty instrumental cover of “Seal of The Curse”….Castlevania fans will enjoy that one!  The album theme is about death, our obsession with it and how it has its own stranglehold on us as human beings.  Give these guys a shot, I’m sure you’ll enjoy something they bring to the death metal game.


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  1. awesome review Dave – spot on with your general assessment about who we appeal to as well the analysis of each instrument. but for anybody reading this – this is our sophomore album on Unique Leader, not our debut.

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