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Mimesis Self Titled Debut

Modern Progressive Metal newcomers Mimesis are releasing their debut tomorrow.  The band gave me an honorable opportunity to premiere their debut track (also includes a rather interesting interview, may I add!).  If you’re into that style, you’ll love this new band.  I also got my hands on this early thanks to the band, and you will not be disappointed trust me on this one.  Mimesis will not bore you, and in fact enhance your cinematic senses the further you dive into the 5 track effort.  They’re one of the special bands that focus on their songs as a whole with the strings and synth, almost like movie scores sometimes.  And in this genre, I love that style because it picks you up and you float away with the compositions.  The band grabbed me that way emotionally, and flows oh so well.


Görebläster (Will Lunden) – Guitars
Jen Janet – Vocals
Kilian Duarte – Bass
Anthony Lusk-Simone – Drums


Get that saddle on your horse because it’s going to be one hell of a ride, cowboy.  

What else can I say about my homie’s guitar playing that hasn’t been said before?  Mimesis is his non death metal territory (as stated in our interview with the band) and can explore other musical possibilities here.  Will’s playing helps bring the band together not just with his riffs (because he’s really shredding more than anything!) , but his concise and clean leads that connect the different sections of their songs.  The more I listened to this offering, the more I hear how diverse of a guitarist he is and the different styles of music he’s into outside of metal.

The vocals are really great too…..and it’s actually nice to hear a vocalist who doesn’t really need to belt to front a band.  Jen’s calming, soothing voice really is a great thing for Mimesis.  It sounds even better on their mellow sections, and in fact is like the female version of Michael Lessard.


The rhythms are pretty sweet, provided by Anthony and Killian.  There’s some subtle fills that fill their sound, and times where they provide a great rhythm.  In a band like Mimesis with the different rhythms and sound changes, you’re going to need a good rhythm section and they have exactly that.  If this is a sign of things to come, they are off to one great start with their debut album.  Lots of bands generally have impressive debuts…..let’s hope they keep the creativity flowing with the next release.  There’s shows being negotiated and playthroughs as well in works for Mimesis so stay up to date on their page.  Preorder the album by going to their Facebook page I linked in the beginning of the article, and you can listen to “CTRL ALT DEL” in the same area as well.


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