Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 12-12-19

TMR is back with some more tunes for you guys to check out!  If you’ve enjoyed our weekly article, check out our past suggestions pretty please!


With their third album “A Memoir Of Free Will” quickly approaching its release day on February 7th of next year I figured I’d remind you all of this up and coming group.  I’ve recently discovered them within the last few months, as the North Carolina boys are still making a name for themselves in the community.  Krosis blends technicality, brutality and creativity all into one wild formula.  You can check out the two singles from that upcoming album below for further convincing!




Jazz group Dopolarians is a really original and unusual group.  They’re a bit avant garde and extremely untraditional as well.  Their sound is so odd and chaotic it’s tough to not want to explore their music even further!  Their album “Garden Party” was released on November 22nd and it really is quite the doozy.  Improv is a really cool thing and I’m a big fan of it.  If you want a fresh take on jazz with odd twists and turns this group will do it for you.  Check out the record below!


Alicyn Yaffee has been on on my radar for a few weeks and figured its time more people knew of her.  She is a great guitarist and even better vocalist.  Yaffee seamlessly blends the sounds of jazz and pop in her originals while maintaining a true identity and sound.  She writes captivating music that draws you in from the first moment.  You can fill your ear holes with her album “Someone Else” below.  You can thank me later….it’s totally understandable, I totally get it.

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