Maitreya “Departed” Official Guitar Playthrough Premiere

We have a fun guitar playthrough premiere today for our followers featuring Maitreya and the track “Departed”! It’s taken from their upcoming album “Hyper Reels” coming out June 25th! If you love modern prog you’ll be into Maitreya’s creative space and I personally love this song! Get into the ethereal adventure of “Departed” and don’t forget check out the album when it drops in a few months!

“Hyper Reels is an honest expression and discovery of what Maitreya is all
about. We lived with these songs for years, honing them on stage and in the
studio. This album details our evolution as a band, remaining true to our
metalcore roots and highlighting a trajectory not confined to any particular
subgenre. Our intention with this record was to craft songs with strong
conceptual meanings paired with musical creativity that remains
catchy.” adds the band.

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