Last month our wonderful website turned three years old! Just like the rest of the world, last year impacted my life heavily with work increasing and thus decreased my general output here on TMR. I was insanely lucky to keep working last year but a lot of it. In that regard, I’m not asking for donations from anyone to a charity this year in the sense a ton of people still aren’t back to work. I will however make a donation in the name of the site to a charity of my choice when I get that financial chance.

If I have given you great bands, sound off somehow in the comment section on social media somewhere. I can’t believe a random journey of mine has lasted 3 years while transferring from one job to another. I didn’t expect to become slightly reputable in the music industry, whether it would be as a promoter/writer or as an artist (I’m still working on that, kinda). Share your favorite bands or albums you found from our monthly artist showcase! My mission hasn’t changed from the beginning and that’s to help a lot of smaller/lesser known bands with promotion. I don’t beat around the bush here and force drama like MS/MI/blabbermouth, I just give you fucking music. And music not promoted everywhere, of all levels around the world as well. Take part in a virtual celebration with me, will ya?

Stay tech, and stay brutal my friends.

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  1. Hi!
    MXD MAG and Maxima Distorzion here from Texas!
    We would like to congratulate TMR for their first 3 amazing years!!
    We rely heavily on their very accurate reviews to find great bands and share them on our social media outlets and page!

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