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Sahil Makhija “Demonstealer” is March 2021’s Artist Of The Month!

One of the underground’s most underrated and under appreciated artists Sahil Makhija the “Demonstealer” is March 2020’s artist of the month! One of our correspondents turned me onto his music years ago and only recently dove back into his vast catalog. He was also in Demonic Resurrection out of his country India. My personal favorite release out of his solo catalog was his latest EP “This Too Shall Pass” released last year. The guy can’t possibly do any more as he drums, plays guitar and bass, and does the vocals. Well, he pretty much does everything in Demonstealer.

Makhija culminated a love for death metal and has been adding more melodic and prog elements to some of his newer releases. There’s even some singing on top of his growls. He has a good well rounded sound bound to draw you in one way or another. He is a vastly under appreciated artist and has been in this business for over 20 years. I totally forgot to mention he runs a few youtube channels, most notably as a cook! He has a channel called Headbanger’s Kitchen which features mainly Keto based recipes. Sahil is a multi faceted artist of a few trades and deserves to be heard like any other artist. I hope everyone dives into his music and/or cooking at one point this month and discovers his awesome music!

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