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Chromadrive Self Titled Album

Chromadrive is a great band that makes impressive music.  These guys bring a whackier sound to the fusion game, and I dig it.  I love how upfront the saxophone is, and it only adds to their unusual sound.  Chromadrive has an interesting, fun and groovy musical adventure for everyone to indulge in. The self titled album was released in 2017.  The melodies are very intriguing and the speed is pretty varied too.

These guys are so weird I love it.  Diverse musicians are a rare thing these days and Chromadrive is a well rounded band.  It’s a well blended, collective sound.  There’s even audio clips from various sources that are in some of their songs, which is a nice changeup.  It totally adds to the moods that they have achieved on their album.



Tim Mirth- Guitar

Justin Tibbs- Sax

Jared Lees- Bass

Drew PenCook- Drums

If you’re expecting vocalists, you’ve come to the wrong place with this article.  For a newer band, they’re pretty polished.  The music is pretty clear and concise. The rhythm section is awfully impressive.  The guitar work is very precise and sits nicely in their sound. The production is clear and definitely helps the band achieve what they wanted to sound wise.  Listen to this eclectic album below, and switch up your usual listening habits.  Chromadrive is a cool, unique and artistic band.  Give them a chance starting now! Hope you enjoy their music!

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