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The Flaying- Angry, Undead

Canada’s own The Flaying is releasing their sophomore album today through PRC Music.  Now to be honest I only heard of the band when they recently released the single Elegy of Emptiness.  There’s no other way to describe this awesome new band I recently got into.  They’re straight up death metal with no rules or gimmicks.  They’re super groovy, great vocals you can understand, and dirty riffs with lots of tremolo mixed in for good measure.  They’re not over the top technical if you’re not into that genre of death metal.  The Flaying grooves hard, and groove they do.

The rhythm section in this band is absolutely outstanding. Again I’m going to point out a solid mix when I definitely hear one.  YOU CAN HEAR BASS GUITAR! IT’S NOT BURIED IN THE MIX! HOLY CRAP! Oh yeah, and there’s also some some tasty bass leads.  Don’t worry, they’re pretty great and called for actually.  You think they’re done yet? There’s equally as eyebrow raising fills as well.  The drums are absolutely stellar.  The band calls for some demanding speeds, but slow it down pretty well.  Belanger has a great talent that holds this band together, blast beat by blast beat. Just like his bass playing friend Sebastien, he has a lot of fills that add an astounding amount of flavor to their songs.



William Murray-  Vocals
Sebastien Marrier-Verret-  Bass
Didier Samson-  Guitars
Michel Bélanger- Drums

Williams’ vocals add a lot to the intensity of The Flaying.  His range is truly astounding, hitting some higher growls some stellar mids and even better lows! His vocal presence is energetic and brings a lot as a vocalist for this up and coming band.  Samson’s riffs are absolutely on point, brutal and pretty varied.  His ever changing speed keeps the band  as tight as can be with some quick sections, and plenty of slow groovy sections to keep it as fresh as possible.

A new band like The Flaying needs your support, so grab your copy of their music on their bandcamp if you like what you hear.  These guys haven’t been around for decades, they need your help to stick around.  If you love your physical copies and need a CD, you can through the PRC website right here.  Check out this monster of an album below and may you have a huge bangover! Make that neck hurt!

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