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Vale Of Pnath- Accursed

Colorado’s own Vale Of Pnath is releasing their EP “Accursed” on May 17th through their label Willowtip Records.  Vance and the boys took a different direction, which I thoroughly enjoyed to say the least.  The band took a technical black metal approach, in comparison to their death metal sound they’ve culminated over the first few releases.  It is also slightly symphonic which is something that will help set the creepy mood.  It is refreshing for me, at least.  I’m not sure how the rest will think of it, but it’s pretty rad.  There isn’t much technical black metal, with Enfold Darkness not active as they once were.  Vale of Pnath really put out a fun and wildly heavy EP that will turn a lot of heads.  Whether you decide to embrace the new sound and journey is totally up to you, nobody is forcing you.


What else can you say about their insanely stellar guitarists? Vance and Harrison are probably one of the most under appreciated duos in all of metal right now.  Their strong riffs, stellar leads, and groovy rhythms (of all speeds, they’re not a one trick pony…..) are a huge reason why “Accursed” is a fascinating offering.



Reese – Vocals
Vance Valenzuela – Guitar
Harrison Patuto- Guitar
Andy Torress – Bass

Reese’s voice in this is a huge play in the band’s experiment to make a more blackened offering.  His voice is heavily black metal inspired, and is actually pretty amazing.  He definitely channeled his inner Abbath for “Accursed” I can tell you that much.  The drums on this EP are pretty great.  The fills are well placed, while keeping a stellar groove.  Sometimes drummers focus on being too fancy, and adding fills all over the place while failing to maintain good grooves.  Luckily here, that is definitely not the case. Andy’s consistent bass playing helps the band tremendously on the rhythm end of things.    Yet, here is another unusual moment where you can ACTUALLY HEAR THE BASS GUITAR! Again I’ll repeat myself on mixing bass where it gets lost in translation especially with bass drums in heavy metal which are used constantly.  The mix is absolutely stellar, where Reese’s voice is up front and loud.  I may have turned up the bass a tad bit more, but not much different than what I heard.  Kudos to the people that mixed this, hearing bass lines and bass fills are beautiful to the ears.

You can check out the one song the band released as a precursor to this great offering on their bandcamp and DON’T FORGET TO PREORDER ONE OF THEIR SWEET DEALS!  I’m totally getting on the double vinyl deal with a pressing of this and their last album “II”! Listen to the EP title track below and tell me you love it…..please.

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