Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 3-21-19

Hey guys, Vick here. Totally hijacking this week’s TSNT, hope ya dig some of my picks! Not really, Dave has a few to save the hijacking 😉
But before we dive into this week’s selections of music, you will be reminded you can check out the bands from previous weeks right here.  Let’s get it on!

Dave and I were fortunate enough to catch these dudes earlier this week with Olkoth and Lecherous Nocturne. I know alot of our readers are into bands like Inferi, Enfold Darkness, Arsis and a load of others in the techy-but-melodic spectrum. And I must say, Begat are definitely up your alley. They’re relatively new and their latest release is still pretty fresh. Check em out!

A little bit ago, I was pondering all the bands I could name out of Syracuse, NY. I came up with one; our pals in “regressive life metal” Anabasis. Anabasis had a stellar year; one of the highest points was an opportunity to play as direct support for melodic prog giants Ne Obliviscaris. Rounding off 2018, they had an absolutely stellar crowdfunding campaign for their debut LP, Of Conviction.


I can’t believe I haven’t yapped about these guys yet; they’re one of my most played artists on all my streaming service. I don’t even remember how I stumbled into them, but I have to admit that I was pulled in by how sick their latest album’s artwork was. Along the lines of Hideous Divinity, Hour of Penance, Devangelic, and Posthuman Abomination, Antropofagus proves further the superiority of Italian brutal death. And, if you check out those bands’ lineups, you’ll definitely notice that a few of those bands share a few exceptional musicians.
You can jam Antropofagus’ M.O.R.T.E. and their previous releases via Comatose’s Bandcamp!


Facebook is full of shit outside of music, we can agree on that? We all know they target us and big brother is watching so wear your tin foil hats daily! Like 3 years ago, there was this ad this band was running and their page came up.  There’s the word that draws me in…..”instrumental”.  They’re new, need fans so they ran an ad or was suggested for me.  What’s there to lose? I clicked on it….and holy, fuck.  Yeah. This instrumental metal/fusion/experimental band will rip your balls or tits right off of you.  These young phenoms are so well versed it’s not even funny.  There’s sweet keyboard action in this band as well, so it’s more than just guitars bass and drums! SEE FOLKS?? Something positive CAN come out of Facebook, for a change.  Thank you Mark Fuckerburg! They came through Rochester recently I believe, and couldn’t get off work so I couldn’t see them live. I done fucked up, A-Aron. They’re teasing something for today the 21st, let’s hope it’s a new track or news on the sophomore album! Listen to the band below and tell me you’re impressed.  If not……you can eat a bag of dicks.



Maybe these guys have enough traction? Maybe not? But they’re SO WEIRD, and that weirdness is part of our mission here at TMR.  They’re a progressive rock band, with several twists.  They have a violin player, and a brass section of Saxophone and Trumpet.  I saw them live, and let me tell you how unreal that shit was.  They aren’t too heavy (if you’re anti death metal or just an old fart), but man the guitar work was batshit crazy with wild rhythms too.  When the brass leads hit, they’re fun as fuck.  TYS has brought a incredibly wild and innovating sound to experimental music not many bands have.  Check out their tunes below for a truly unique and original experience!




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