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Accursed Spawn- The Virulent Host

We have another killer Canadian death metal band on deck for you guys! Man, does some great music come out of the country….cheers to our metal brethren in the North! Accursed Spawn’s debut album “The Virulent Host” is a mind bending no nonsense death metal record.  It has blistering guitar solos, sweet riffs and some super impressive vocals as well.  The album is a groovy piece of music that keeps on going and going.  This smashing debut album is out on PRC Music.



Weiyun Lu-  Bass
Jay Cross- Drums
Adam Pell- Guitar
Paul Kelly- Guitar
Luke Wargasm- Vocals

Accursed Spawn bridges classic and modern death metal ever so eloquently.  Cross’s drumming is a huge plus on “The Virulent Host”.  His blast beats are so clean and fills are a big stand out on this death metal banger.  The band’s speed varies and Cross carries them with no hesitation.  Wei’s bass is very powerful on the songs too, who also adds a lot of cool bass fills along the way. Another album where you can hear the bass guitar well! The production is really good no doubts in my mind.  I think this album can bring together classic and modern fans of death metal, with some technical passages here and there.  Yet, it doesn’t lose the flavor and groove that old school death metal provided (and arguably still does).

The vocals are absolutely stellar, up front and energetic.  The range is pretty good, right in the middle where I generally like guttural vocalists.  The style fits the sound to a tee, consistent and brutal.  The album was released yesterday March 22nd, and you can pickup the album digitally or through their label PRC Music.  Check out this awesome debut below!

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