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Arch Echo- You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

Instrumental virtuosos Arch Echo recently released their sophomore album “You Won’t Believe What Happens Next” last week.  Facebook does bring good things to the world like….music.  I discovered these guys 2 maybe 3 years ago on one of those paid advertisements personally suggested for you because we all know Zucker-creeper is creeping on your interests and internet searches.  So, it’s only natural I was guided by the tin foil cap crew to check out this band named Arch Echo.  What’s there to lose? Click their page link and listen to some tunes, and if I don’t dig it I can have 15 minutes of my life back (maybe more depending how much I like it or if I wanna give it more of a chance)?  The crew was fresh off their debut album and was hooked immediately.  Upon discovering Arch Echo I was led to another band Aviations that I found on their page at the time.  SEE? Good things CAN happen on social media, you just have to focus on the positive! And discovering new music is always great, since it was initially meant to network (with colleges at first, then became the society driving empire it is today).

What I dig about Arch Echo is the keyboards aren’t overzealous.  They’re there increasing the melodic parts of their songs, and add a lot to the atmosphere and harmonies when they’re present.  It isn’t just used for leads, they’re layered pretty proficiently.  And there’s not just one patch, there’s a handful of different sounds on this release.  And how awesome is that album cover? When you’re an instrumental band, there’s more freedom for the physical art.  There’s no lyrics and concept to follow or portray, so you can do what you want (song title wise as well).  So there’s this hilarious album cover with the mouse passed out full of cheese, listening to the album ON A FREAKING I POD (which is now extinct!).  The comedy and entertainment is strong within this group.



Richie Martinez – Drums
Joe Calderone – Bass
Joey Izzo – Keyboards 
Adam Rafowitz – Guitar  
Adam Bentley – Guitar 
This time around, the guys focused even more on melodies.  Don’t worry, it’s still heavy enough I’m not saying they lost the metal part of their sound.  It’s even more artistic and equally as weird as the debut album.  Both the riffs, melodies and leads on guitar are just as impressive. They’re very engaging and present on “You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!”.
The drum work of Martinez is really spectacular.  He drives a lot of the rhythms along with Calderone, and really keep this band clicking.  The music is a bit different on the album in comparison to the debut, and that’s a good thing.  Bands don’t want to repeat themselves (generally, unless you’re Slayer or AC/DC) and I think it’s a bit more experimental and more fusion oriented.  They toned down on the metal a bit, but like I’ve already stated it sure as heck isn’t gone.  No matter what album you choose, you’ll have a great musical experience on either Arch Echo offering.
This great record was released May 1st, so get on it and buy the son of a gun.  They’re not signed, and depend on fan support like a good amount of bands that are not signed.  Sure, it’s a choice they’re not signed everyone has a different way of going about things.  This isn’t run of the mill music, it’s very original and unique.  Buy this album and some of their merchandise any way you can.  This kooky album will keep you interested for a long time.  Check it out below and enjoy!
Oh, and they’re on tour with Tony Macalpine….how sweet is that? Local progressive geeks Weaponex  are opening up the show at Mohawk Place June 23rd.  If you live in the area get to this awesome show!

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