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Weaponex- In The Nick Of Time



Weaponex is one of Western New York’s better bands and one of the area’s best kept secrets.  The Buffalo proggers are putting out a killer EP on October 6th  titled “In The Nick Of Time”.  I was lucky enough to be approached to check it out, and the guys overdid themselves yet AGAIN.  How can you also not LOVE that EP cover? It perfectly displays the band personality!

The release show is at the Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon, there’s a few great bands supporting Weaponex before they hit the stage that night! Mark your calendars chumps, it’s gonna be a serious shredder.


Weaponex is:

Mike Willard – Guitar & Vocals
Dan Behrens – Bass & Backup Vocals
Larry Steele – Percussion

The guys went all out on “The Nick Of Time”.  Would you expect anything less from Willard? The man is definitely one of the area’s best guitar players and definitely one of if not the most polished player.  It was a treat to hear a fellow guitar player flawlessly do his thing and put a big stamp on the band’s EP.  Steele kicks serious ass on drums, as well. Weaponex seamlessly works together on the quickest parts, and some of the slower and groovy sections that make them such a great band.  There’s a lot of odd experimental and fusion-esque parts throughout the album that showcase the band’s influences outside of the metal world.  Let’s not forget about Dan Behrens (who is “Danimal Cannon” outside of Weaponex who plays a killer guitar and combines video games as an instrumentalist, totally fun show you should check it out!) who is a wild bassist.  There’s some sweet bass fills on this meaty offering.  The band also recorded a very fun and modernized cover of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star”.  They totally knocked it out of the ballpark with a grand slam as a great homage to the prog and classic rock legends.

I can’t pick standout songs, because the flow is so great and there isn’t one second I was bored.  Weaponex does a great job keeping your ears engaged and not losing your attention.  There are a multitude of guitar duals, drum fills, awesome melodies, and impressive vocals that totally keep you zeroed in.  Support the band by attending their release show and buying the EP that evening! It’s definitely one of the best releases of 2018 out of Western New York, without a doubt.  It was an honor listening to this masterpiece!




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