Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 4-4-19

Hey guys! We’re back yet again…..whether you like it or not! Before we get going on some more new tunes for you to feast your ears and eyes upon, check out the previous bands we have featured right here.


Australia’s death metal smashers Revulsed have brought the old school back to teach the kids how to death metal.  Their classic sound brings a smile to my face ear to ear, reminiscent of the heavy New York death metal of the early 1990’s.  Sweet drumming, great gutturals, very noticeable bass lines and even heavier guitar riffs.  These guys are working on a new album, and their latest effort “Infernal Atrocity” is a real headbanger.  They have also released 4 covers of some metal classics you may want to check out as well also available on their bandcamp.  Check out that record below if you’re into old school death metal y’all!



I think a good amount of you are into the mighty Marco Minneman (who’s drummed for a plethora of bands) modern day phenom Guthrie Govan on guitar, and bassist Bryan Beller to make this great instrumental fusion project.  The band has gotten serious over the years and the trio has played more shows every passing year.  With everyone’s extensive background, it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.  If you want a weird instrumental band that’s much different than your average instrumental band these days, The Aristocrats will definitely interest you.  Check out a few of their songs below if this tickles your fancy.




One of Buffalo’s better bands of recent memory Progressive metal trio Weaponex provide top notch musicianship all around.  Mike Willard is clearly one of the area’s proficient guitarists and cleanest players.  Dan’s bass playing is very engaging, and well if you’re a Buffalo native Larry Steele should immediately trigger his wild drum playing.  Their engaging passages, melodic moments and soulful voice of Willard provides a uniquely entertaining experience only Weaponex can give you.  If you don’t think I’m being serious, check out their mind blowing EP “In The Nick Of Time” below here.  Oh, and this sweet play through of the title track from Willard.  Follow their facebook page because Mike puts up a FREE GUITAR LESSON every week based on certain chords and guitar scales.  Also, the gang will be back out there again opening up for legendary instrumentalist Tony McAlpine and upcoming instrumental metal fusion youngsters Arch Echo in late June at Mohawk Place.  Check out these tasty jams below!




Accursed Creator is still new to me as I only have heard of this stellar death metal band since last year.  Their vocalist Chelsea is one of the most impressive parts about this energetic and engaging band.  Again, another woman kicking serious ass! If you didn’t look up the band, you wouldn’t guess it was a female growling her way song after song…..she’s as good as most male death metal vocalists, especially with her wide range.  The riffs are fresh, and there’s sweet rhythms especially the wild drumming that takes place every song.  They’re a newer band looking to cement their name in death metal and you should check this great unheard of band.  Give them a listen below!



This supergroup of technical death metal musicians released one of my favorites from this year in “Designed Obsolescence”.  The album is straight forward technical death metal, and this sophomore release has STUCK with me terribly since its release day over a month ago.  No lie hundreds upon hundreds of spin through the wild and quick 32 minute adventure.  That’s the problem with short albums you’re done listening so quickly, but if you’re really feeling it you’ll give it another spin……and I’ve had heavy replay value from these guys.  Featuring Riley from Allagaeon on vocals, Chase Fraser (Ex Decrepit Birth and Arkaik) and introducing new drummer Ron Casey (Inanimate Existence, Ex Rings Of Saturn and Ex Brain Drill.  I think he played live for Arkaik too at one point?).  Overall these guys know what their genre demands, and put out a great record.  Check it out below.

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