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Inanimate Existence Official Premiere Of “Voyager”

Inanimate Existence has been on my personal radar since “Calling From A Dream” and I’ve been OBSESSED with this band ever since.  The Ritual Aura was really fun, they freaking rip.  I’ve known this band just as long as TRA, and I have the same connection musically with these guys.  TMR is insanely excited to announce the official song premiere from Inanimate Existence’s upcoming album “Clockwork” with a serious shred fest called “Voyager”.  This song rips from the moment you hit the play button…..amazing guitar melodies, drum work, and the amazing trade off of Cameron and Scott’s growls.

The band has this to say about the upcoming release:

“We’re thrilled to finally be able to share our 5th studio album with all of you! This is definitely the most work we have ever put into an album by a long shot. Sound wise I’d say that it’s a continuation of our last album but much more polished and mature.”  


Inanimate Existence 2019 band photo

Just when you thought “Underneath A Melting Sky” was a great album…..I think we have a greater piece of music on the horizon.  The California trio is an absolute wonder in the extreme metal scene, and also have another amazing piece of cover art YET AGAIN.  Enjoy the obscenely wild song below, and pre order this masterpiece RIGHT NOW.  We were honored to get the song, and we hope our followers feel the same honor. Enjoy!



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