Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 3-28-19

Hello everyone! We hope you enjoy another whacky and diverse batch of new music to listen to! Check out our past editions here before you go any further.


Ohio’s own Matter Of Planets wooed me with their appearance at The Lair a couple summers ago with their instrumental insanity.  The band explores a melodic metal atmosphere with experimental vibes.  These young lads are a stellar progressive band with a lot of cool sounds you all need to listen to right now.  The latest release is from last year titled ” Somewhere Out Among The Stars Is Home”. Listen to it in the player below and check out their previous release as well “The Ballad Of Baberaham”.



Ecliptic Vision has been bringing the heavy in Central New York for a few years now.  The guys have been culminating their way towards the top of CNY death metal, and their fantastic groove keeps them a pinnacle of that scene.  They’re working on a new album now which we are very sure will turn many heads of the surrounding metal communities.  Check out their releases below, one full length and one EP!


Here’s some expected technical death metal for you all this week.  These Indonesian shredders bring a lot of musical talent to their extreme metal sound.  Their complex layers, sweet rhythms and multitudes of shred will make your head explode.  Their label Eastbreath Records has been signing some great bands and Ash Prison is one of many.   Check out this vastly underrated band below with this two song demo.


Jazz drummer and composer Allison Miller released a really cool album last month titled “Glitter Wolf”.  Her drumming is equally funky as it is jazzy.  Miller’s talents have no end, as proven by the multitude of cool grooves and melodies on her most recent release.  If you don’t believe me, check out the record below.  Step into the world of Allison Miller!


This instrumental (for the most part, with some occasional vocals here and there) progressive band packs a lot of mood and emotion into their songs.  Their songs are heavily layered and extra weird.  There’s a keyboards, saxaphone, synthesizers, flute, piano, strings and even more instruments in the sound of Emerald Dawn.  Check out this cool band below with their latest release “Nocturne”!

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