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Embludgeonment- Barn Burner

New Jersey’s Embludgeonment is releasing exactly what their album title suggests, a “Barn Burner”.  Comatose Music is one of the best extreme metal labels right now, and this stellar release is just even more proof for this blossoming record company.  “Barn Burner” will officially be out on April 19th of this year.  What I was drew in with at first was the wild range of vocals.  It is all over the place, with some high pitched growls and plenty of low and mid ranged growls as well.  A dynamic and wide vocal range is awfully impressive in death metal, and is really present on this album.

The band presents a classic style to death metal.  No gimmicks, no act, 100% pure death metal.  If you’re into that style from the early 90’s, you’ll definitely love the brutal and honest approach of Embludgeonment.

Embludgeonment band photo


John Hartman- Guitar
Mark Green- Drums
Lee Cozens- Guitar
Ken England- Vocals


Mark Green’s drums are a much welcome addition to “Barn Burner”.  The constant speed changes can’t be easy, and is an exhilarating thing to listen to such a talent.  Pure, disgusting brutality arise from John and Lee’s guitar tracks.  The speed is varied for all of us that like a good mix of everything, which is a positive thing therefore showcasing Embludgenment as a tight band.  There are a few guitar solos thrown in to the mix as well.


If you’re not one into the countless numbers of subgenres into metal, give Embludgeonment a chance.  Their true and classic death metal sound will graciously appeal to you for something down right dirty and nasty.  Don’t forget to preorder the album if you dig what you hear! A newer or smaller band would graciously appreciate your support! Now go bang your heads until your necks snap off!



Check out this groovy headbanger from the upcoming album “Barn Burner”! 


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