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Warforged- I: Voice

Warforged is releasing their Artisan Era debut album “I:Voice” on May 10th.  The band’s comprehensive sound got even wilder with this album.  They took another step closer to the progressive realms of extreme metal, with a true and raw production on top of it all.  If you love the raw energy of early to mid 90’s classic black metal albums, and the first 3 maybe 4 Opeth albums you’ll really dig the production side of the album.  There’s more piano included in the music and acoustic guitar introduced this time as well.  You can definitely tell the guys spent a lot of time on this album with all the cool transitions and different aspects they introduced.

The band has spent 5 years to get to this point, and it really shows.  The plethora of cool melodies, extra dissonance and varied rhythms kept me engaged every time I heard the album.  I think as a band the more unpredictable you are, the better everything is.  Warforged has that unpredictability, and impressed me as much as their EP.  Adrian’s voice really sets the tone on their extreme sections with this blackened, blood curdling shriek that echoes for an eternity.  His piano parts are equally as key (I’M SO FUNNY), as more times than not the piano melodies are a focal point in their mellow sections.  Another cool part is Warforged brought out extended instrumental sections on “I:Voice”, which is another great change up.  This album will go down as one of the bigger diamonds in the rough that a lot of metalheads won’t know of.



Adrian Perez – Vocals, Piano
Jason Nitts – Drums 
Jace Kiburz – Guitar 
Max Damske – Guitar 
Alex Damske – Bass 

Alex and Jason’s rhythms keep this band alive and well on this album.  Nitts’ drum parts are extremely heavy, engaging and just downright nasty.  The guy can do many different styles, and proves his worth especially in their laid back sections of the songs on “I:Voice”.  Max and Jace have created some really cool guitar riffs of many speeds, some quicker than others as well.  Such factors help the cause of every song being a totally different adventure, rather than being too similar for the whole record (cough AC/DC cough).  The duo’s ever so eloquent guitar leads are mixed up pretty proficiently.  There’s some quicker leads, and are still pretty melodic.  I like their emotional guitar leads, as well as their quicker sides which aren’t too wild or fast for people who don’t like quicker guitar solos. The experimental side of Warforged has definitely shined on this piece of music, and also shown great maturation in their songwriting.

Warforged has a come a long way since their debut EP “Essence Of The Land”.  They took a different direction with something more hectic, chaotic, and more progressive.  The EP was really straightforward, heavy and relentless.  I think they’re both great offerings in their own worlds.  “I:Voice” is a truly unique and interesting album that will definitely appeal to people who are looking for genre-pushing extreme metal. Check out two of the singles below if you’re interested.  Don’t forget to get your preorders in, there’s many sweet bundles!


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