Pathos And Logos release “Captains Of Industry”

Instrumental progressive duo Pathos & Logos have released another new track “Captains Of Industry”.  If you don’t know the guys, check out their tracks  “Mergers And Acquisitions” and “Black Budget”.  We have covered this great band before and have personally paid attention to when it seemed like Kyle (guitars and everything else) and Paul (drums) teased at a new offering.  They are releasing a new track every so often, so its unpredictable when there will be a new single.  And voila! Kyle got a hold of me and unleashed their arguably heaviest of songs on me.  The previous two songs are more experimental and ambient, which was great combined with their melodic guitar lines.  “Captains Of Industry” is exactly that heavy song metalheads will love, if you’re into instrumental bands.

In true progressive form, there are some mellow sections to weave in and out of the wild djenty sections.  The guys have put together a super heavy, straightforward heavy metal instrumental with plenty of Kyle’s known melodic tendencies.  Check out the song below if you haven’t heard of this stellar band yet.  I promise you’ll like it……if it’s not your cup of tea, oh well.  Your loss!

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