Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 8-15-19

We are back with another edition of “Try Something New Thursday”!.  There is always plenty of music to discover, that’s what we do here at TMR keep you all in the loop!  If you’re already well informed, then we applaud you.  If you haven’t familiarized yourself with our weekly article check out other editions right here before moving forward!


We have this wonderful trio on hand!  In the same vein I discovered Arch Echo this band popped into my lap.  I saw someone from the band promoting a studio version of a song of theirs in a group and instantly enjoyed it.  They’re a jazzy trio with a little modern prog influence in their sound.  I’m super glad I found the Gemini Trio, our last few editions have been pretty heavy for the most part.  Enjoy some artsy instrumental music!



We recently helped host Beast Of Nod & Unflesh on their recent week to two week tour extravaganza.  One local band that opened was In The Shadows Of Giants, and they were damn impressive.  Atmospheric progressive death metal, extended range guitars and a bit of the clean side of Dream Theater.  Ridiculously talented band with a super bright future from Rochester (yet ANOTHER great Rochester band….you shocked?).  Their set was magnificent….energetic, original and promising.  Their style is so unique we can’t say enough about this young band.  They do have a song available you can listen to titled “A Violent Calm”.


Lots of my peers haven’t shut up about this band and has been shared in many groups on the deep dark web.  I decided to check out their latest release “The Prison Of Belief” and my mind was shattered.  Technical death metal done tastefully, in a groovy fashion and executed very well.  They’re Canadian…..another hot bed for tech & prog bands, SHOCKER!  The gutturals are pretty great too and fit their sound perfectly.  Check out that monstrous album below and get into this band NOW!

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