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Unburnt- Arcane Evolution

Unburnt is releasing their EP “Arcane Evolution” today August 16th.  One of the better parts of the band who brings it all together is vocalist Eric Burnet.  The band brings a really fresh sound to the blackened death metal genre.  They’re a straightforward project who doesn’t hide behind anything and leaves their guts out on the table (figuratively, duh).  It’s a heavy 4 track EP with some very heavy moments.  The guitar riffs of Bo Louthier are nasty, heavy, and not overdone…..very focused and put together pretty well.

The rhythms are really tight as that what really drives this band….absolutely punishing grooves.  You can thank the drummer Joe Mullen and bassist John Ryan Godfrey for those as well.  It’s a very, very enjoyable EP from a project I just discovered since I got the promo for this release a few weeks ago.  I’m very glad I know this project and It’s going to be a staple in my listening rotation for sure.

Unburnt - Band Photo

“Arcane Evolution” is fantastic from the first second to the last (4 tracks barely clocking in at 15 minutes, maybe a bit less!).  With that shorter run time, it makes you listen to the release more….which isn’t bad by any stretch. From a fairly popular genre in the metal community, Unburnt doesn’t bore you to death at all.  There are plenty of groovy parts and also some faster parts.  They are not a one trick pony by any means.  It’s a blistering and aggressive offering for Unburnt that unfortunately won’t get as much press at it should.  The only bad part about this is the amount of bands releasing music…..there’s so many bands nowadays and great EP’S like “Arcane Evolution” get forgotten about unfortunately.

You can check out this nasty release below through No Clean Signing who premiered the EP Monday and decide for yourself.  Enjoy this awesome chunky piece of metal and support the guys by buying it.


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