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Devourment- Obscene Majesty

Brutal Death Metal legends Devourment are releasing “Obscene Majesty” this Friday August 16th.  It’s also their first album in a handful of years since 2013’s “Conceived In Sewage”.  Great bands taking their time to write new music is just fine with me, no matter how antsy or anxious I get in exhausting anticipation.  It’s pretty easy to understand why they’re great……no antics and aren’t ridiculous, and aren’t something they shouldn’t be.  Devourment was born to create nasty, sludgy, brutal death metal…..and that’s what they’ve been placed on Earth to do.

The drumming has always been great, and Fincher has been a master at craft.  Constantly switching speeds, all sorts of breaks in such an insane band can’t be easy.  They’re infamous for their tempo changes, and as awesome as it is in the actual song it isn’t easy for drummers.  Going from a simple, slower groove to a quicker section with blasting isn’t necessarily easy folks.  The bass lines are really great, too.  The vocals have always been stellar and Rosas really put forth a great effort here.  A lot of death metal vocalists have a stellar sound, but the annunciation isn’t always there…..if you catch my drift.  That isn’t always a problem, and you can actually understand some of the lyrics without looking them up.  His vocal style fits the music perfectly.


The guitar riffs are pretty nasty, sludgy and grimy.  I love the varied rhythms that are brought into “Obscene Majesty” a lot.  Some bands in the genre tend to stick with what works and stay at those slower speeds.  Sure, it’s great….but they’ll speed it up and catch you off guard.  The album is something to brag about in today’s death metal scene, and is another Devourment classic to show the younger death metal crowd.

Now, another reason “Obscene Majesty” kicks serious ass is the production.  As nasty as they are, the production needs to fit their sound.  Now I’m not talking about a wild overproduced sound, bass drops and a modernized mix and master of the album… has that classic 90’s or even late 80’s master job to the music.  It isn’t touched up too much, and the music breathes brutally in its 48ish minute journey.  It has that bedroom recording style that suits the music very well.  Now I’m not trying to say it sucks, and no time was spent on the mix and master.  I’m saying I love the sound they went for production wise, the last thing I want to do is rip on Devourment. Some bands need a great production to sound just as good, and rely on some producer magic……well motherfuckers, Devourment IS the magic and “Obscene Majesty” is another great release in their inspiring catalogue of albums.

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