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Protopilot: Volume 1

Protopilot released this amazing offering at the end of April and I’m still not over how great of a piece of music this is.  To be honest, Buffalo isn’t full of a ton of artsy and unusual bands. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some good bands in the area….Protopilot takes the cake for some of the freshest music I’ve heard out of Buffalo in a while (Tortoise Forest’s album rules too!) We have a handful of instrumental bands who are totally different from each other, and Protopilot are one of those bands.  Protopilot is exactly that….something fresh.  It’s melodic, atmospheric, progressive and really jazzy at times too.  The band recorded this offering at Watchmen Studios in Lockport, where guitars were recorded for that latest Contrarian opus.

Don’t worry metalheads….just when you think they’ve mellowed out enough, they’ll punch you in the gut to wake you up again.  They pack a lot of power into their music.  The diverse and eclectic guitar riffs show how varied the band is in their songwriting and their wide influence musically.  These guys can write in many styles and “Volume 1” proves that to the highest degree.  The rhythm section is so tight in this band, both excelling at their crafts and then some.  My first experience with Protpilot was last summer opening up for Inanimate Existence, Last Of Lucy and Fields of Elysium.  They actually weren’t as heavy then, and a lot more fusion/progressive minded.  Maybe Doug White’s metal background influenced them a bit for this album?

This is a superb offering from a new band who’s currently flourishing locally, building up a great name and brand that is Protopilot.  If I wanted to show outsiders some of the better bands in Buffalo they’d be one of the first suggestions.  Their original, unusual sound is so captivating they sound exactly like nobody but themselves.  These guys have a lot of potential and hope they use it to their advantage.  If you’re one of those people who don’t live in or near Buffalo I BEG YOU TO LISTEN TO THIS BAND.  They’re so cool, and equally as nice guys it’s tough not to support them.  The album is free but do these hard working guys a favor and throw them some money.  Check out a great band and support one in the making! Listen to “Volume 1” below in it’s glorious entirety.

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