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The Last Cell- Continental Drift

The Last Cell is the brain child of instrumentalist Jean Marc Perc.  His instrumental progressive music is very intriguing.  He isn’t an overly complicated player or writer to be honest.  What he does great though is compose great melodies, harmonies and great rhythms.  If you want a great guitarist in the instrumental world, JMP is definitely a great suggestion.  His slight addition of fusion will make anyone not totally into metal or progressive music give his upcoming album a shot.  “Continental Drift” is set to be released on April 26th, and I have been graciously given the honor to listen to it before its release date.  It’s a truly magnificent album, especially for an independent artist.


It clearly is shown that he spends a lot of time writing his music.  His precise guitar playing is so unique, he can’t be pigeonholed to one genre or style.  Maybe Aaron Marshall/Intervals?  He is a super melodic guitarist, who also includes some small runs but isn’t a quick shredder by any means.  Petition to open up for Aaron on one of his tours? That would be sweet.

Anyways, his sound is dynamic and a great listen for the modern world of instrumental music.   It’s a stellar release, and I truly love his style to death.  Check out this piece of music when it drops…..and because nothing is available publicly from this pending release, listen below to some of his past efforts to get an idea of what you’re in for.

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