Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 7-4-19

We are back with another edition of Try Something New Thursday!  We hope you’ve been enjoying the bands we’ve been featuring in this series since it’s inception earlier this year.  Before you listen to anything for this week’s article, check out the plethora of bands from the previous articles!


This instrumental band is the blood, sweat and tears of guitar phenom Jean-Marc Perc.  The band recently released their smashing EP “Continental Drift” and have also played some shows recently in support of it.  If you love progressive metal with lots of metal and are also an instrumentalist you’ll love this band.  I was throughly impressed with the unique sound of the band once I received the music and loved it from the first listen.  The different melodies and rhythms are really good and shows the originality of the sound of The Last Cell.  Check out “Continental Drift” below!



Jean Chaumont has cranked out some great jazz albums and most recently “The Beauty Of Differences”.  He has a unique style that really drove me to listen to his compositions.  He’s a very talented artist who doesn’t try to do too much as a guitarist, and put out some really cool songs on his latest full length.  Chaumont has a pretty good ear for melodies and there’s lots of cool progressions as well in his music.  If you’re looking for a promising, young jazz musician look no further.  Check out his latest effort below and tell me you’re not hooked on it.  If not….there’s something wrong with you.  Just kidding. Or am I? Either way listen to the album I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Just incase you thought we were going a little too prog or jazz for you this week, we have a phenomenal tech band to throw out to our death metal crowd.  This Canadian band really brings the fun and complexity back to technical death metal which kinda gets lost sometimes.  They released a grossly underrated album “Lanikea” last year which I throughly enjoyed.  There is news the band is working on a new album and this keeps proving how many great bands keep coming out of Canada.  If you’re into the genre, you’ll probably like this band.  If you like a fuller sound that’s not overblown and too nutty, you’ll love the honesty and energy Exterimnatus provides.  Check out that monster of an album below!

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