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Disentomb- The Decaying Light

One of my favorite death metal bands of today are the underdogs Disentomb is releasing their first album in 5 years with “The Decaying Light”.  It’s been a while since their 2014 smasher “Misery” and they’re not really like many death metal bands.  They add a lot of slower doom metal elements to their sound, and a good amount of dissonance as well.  A band with such a cool sound as these guys is impressive, who also add in guitar solos here and there to keep things extra spicy.  They’re not your typical death metal band, and that’s what I dig about Disentomb.  They’re true to the genre, original and rely on no goofy gimmicks or stage getup to garner attention.  It’s their pure talent and brutality that gets them around in the death metal world.  Freshly signed to Unique Leader Records, this album officially cements them as a modern day great.

The band’s slower rhythms are absolutely intoxicating and rather catchy at times.  -With vocals so great, its tough not to dip into their music.  Jordan’s voice has improved over the years and is equally impressive here was it was on “Misery”.  His guttural is pretty consistent in the low to mid range, and doesn’t really venture outside of that area vocally.    The band has cooked up a great release for every death metal fan to enjoy with this new album for sure.


The under appreciated rhythm section of this band drives their groove hard into the ground.  It’s a truly impressive display of musicianship in death metal today considering the different styles Disentomb blends.  “The Decaying Light” is driven by rhythm and it really shines with the many different memorable sections on the album.  With the band now signed to a record label, maybe they’ll get better tour offers and the recognition this band has deserved for a long time.

With this release, it marks the 10th year Disentomb has been a band.  Personally I think that’s a wildly impressive accomplishment, considering how many bands quit/break up/rebrand with the multitude of issues being a new band in the streaming world.  Decades ago, record labels promoted their rosters and technology was simplified.  Now with physical copies dying out and streaming from electronic devices extremely popular, the payouts to artists are very minimal.  Sure it might be extremely easy to get your music heard on the countless platforms on the internet, but it’s super tough to financially keep a band together these days.  I look forward to many more brutal epics from Disentomb and congratulate the guys on their successes.

“The Decaying Light” officially release on July 12th so don’t forget to grab something from the guys to keep this death metal train rolling along smoothly.  They’re also playing 8 shows in support of the album within the confines of their hometown.  If you live in New Zealand or Australia definitely go check this band out!  The dates are below if you’re interested.



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