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Aaron Marshall the creative mind of his instrumental band “Intervals” based out of Toronto, Ontario.  If you’re a guitarist and also an instrumental freak like myself, you should know who Aaron/Intervals is.  His latest album catapulted its way onto my best of 2017 list for a million reasons.  His guitar work captivates me because generically his music is instrumental but has so many influences you can’t really put a finger on what Aaron’s style is……that is the type of artist or band TMR strives to support and promote. His sound is very heavy, yet also very melodic poppy and experimental….it drags you in and just can’t let go.

Aaron is a one man wrecking crew who has such a unique style.  He isn’t a big shredder, a show off or a simple player…..his creative mind is like no other.

Impusively Responsible guitar play through


He is such a tasteful player, it blows my mind.  What amazes me about instrumental bands is their awesome knack (in most cases) for composing.  Certain artists mess around too much and not focus on the song as a whole.  Lots of showing off in the genre which tends to get boring at times.  Aaron on the other hand, is a phenomenal writer that never bores you.

Touch and Go guitar play through

This song is my favorite from the latest album.  I believe its a solid example of the man’s diversity as an artist and guitar player.  He has such a great ear for melody and harmony it’s easy to get lost in his music.  It has a cool mellow section with some keys/synth and clean guitar tone with a beautiful melody to accompany that part of “Touch And Go”.

Mata Hari guitar play through

Here’s a fun ripper for the metalheads.  Younger Aaron had more of a metal edge to his playing and writing….and then branched out in the last few years experimenting more with his style.  In general Aaron has such a diverse and interesting catalogue it can catch anyone’s ears honestly.

Having artists like Aaron around make life greater for everyone.  He’s been on some great tours recently one at the end of 2017 in Europe with Nick Johnston and Polyphia.  He recently just finished a North American run with Nick Johnston (again!), Jason Richardson and Night Verses.  Also was just announced as a part of the HEAVY MONTREAL lineup this summer as well (an amazing step for instrumental bands!).  How cool is that?!?!


Aaron deserves all the success he is having and keeps continuing to grow as an artist and guitar player.  Don’t slack on this guy’s music.

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