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Nyktomorph is an extreme metal band from Buffalo, New York.  These guys are so heavy…’s like they can’t get any heavier.  They have a combined black metal and death metal influence.  Sonically they’re absolutely blistering…..I love their vocals.  Very raw, and very energetic.

The band has a 3 song EP that was just recently released at the end of January.  I bet you these guys put on one heck of a live show…..I really got into their music quickly.  This band really makes you want to separate your shoulder and injure your neck.

The layered keyboards adds to the mystic and haunting elements of the blackened death metal genre.  They definitely aren’t for the weak willed or commercial metal lovers….they’ll blow your minds.  The drumming is very intense and well constructed that stands out throughout their music.

I have to say this band can make its way into my rotation the more I listen to them.  Check out this band stay up to date on their releases and any shows they may be up to.


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