Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 8-29-19

TMR is back with another edition of “Try Something New Thursday” to bore you to death with a few more bands you probably know of! We have had plenty of articles since then and we suggest you check them out if you want to dig through it all.  Enjoy! Or don’t.


New Zealand’s newer brutal death metal band Carnal will wow you in a million different ways…..just like they did with me.  They’re nasty, gory, heavy and actually pretty technical in some moments on their debut offering “Lecherous Acts Of Hedonism”.  There is a super entertaining guitar playthrough that will be linked as well as that album that came out in April of this year.  Check out the album and guitar playthrough right NOW!



Technical deathcore youngsters Ancient Burials wowed me with the video that went viral of their young guitarist playing outside a venue that admitted 21 and older folks to a show they played.  The youngster played on a wireless system ride outside of the venue, where there was a convenient window he could hear his band as he played guitar.  After seeing such a stellar act of dedication and talent I listened to some of their songs…..and they’re no joke by any means.  More proof I’m slowly getting into more deathcore bands, and why I love this band is they go against the grain of what drove me away from the genre.  Their guitar riffs and rhythms aren’t as predictable, and a lot more varied.  Check out some of their originals below.




Instrumentalist Henrik Huber released his most recent EP “Solopist” this week actually on Sunday.  It’s a melodic, djenty and progressive style with a lot of modern influence.  If you dig the sounds of The Last Cell, Divinex and the mighty Aaron Marshall of Intervals you will appreciate his talents.  He also produced the EP, another talent you can add to his beefy resume.  If you love a melodic guitarist who uses his brain and doesn’t play as fast as he can, Huber is your dude.  He has a lot of great melodic ideas, beautiful soaring and mature leads that will make you lose your shit.  He is no fool and his style proves it….Huber isn’t going for the speed record and is a clean player.  Listen to that new EP below and see if you agree with me.

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