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February 2019’s Band Of The Month is…..THE RITUAL AURA!

Technical/Progressive Death Metal Titans The Ritual Aura are making waves in the community with the wildly impressive library they have, and promoting their upcoming release “Velothi”.  You may have noticed recently we tried to help the band by promoting their puzzle solving game shit.  There is some sort of prize in the end….I’m not sure what it is, but you may still want to check it out and get on it if it’s not too late.  The band’s guitar work is absolutely obscene, led by mastermind Levi Dale.

Levi and company have created a wildly melodic, atmospheric and diverse sound that every tech/prog metal band doesn’t always accomplish.  He’s found a perfect median between technicality and songwriting, without going overboard.  That can’t be said for a lot of technical and progressive bands, because you can’t always have it both ways…..unless you’re the Ritual Aura!

This band is composed of musicians from around the world (some in Australia), so playing shows will be wildly difficult unfortunately…..but don’t worry, they’ll be releasing music until they die! Levi has another project, and his own record label! Click on the interview in the first paragraph for more information!

I’ve been into this band for a bit since 2016’s offering “Taether”.  They have 2 full lengths (the first being Lanikea) under their belt and “Velothi” will be their third.  Stay tuned for a release date on that behemoth, but its been said 2019 will definitely have new music from TRA camp.  I hope everyone enjoys this wildly talented, diverse and technical band that’ll definitely blow minds.  They were one of the bands I chose last April for that contest I ran for the site’s followers to choose for the next 3 months of featured bands…..They more than deserve the promotion and appreciation, so let’s make it real special for the guys.  Let’s drive up their social media accounts and introduce more people to this vastly underrated band!



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