Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 5-30-19

We have another fun batch of bands for you to check out yet again! Listen to previous bands we have suggested in past editions right here.  We’re sure there’s plenty you may not have heard of! This week seemed to naturally have some super heavy bands. Enjoy the brutality this week!  Maybe next week will be diverse like most weeks have been…..maybe.


If you don’t know these guys, now is the time to get acquainted.  This technical slam metal band brings serious brutality and some cool melodic guitar parts here and there.  I’ve loved them since their 2016 beast “Genesis” and this past Sunday saw them on the Tech Trek Tour.  Their live performance is just as insane as their album.  The guys are working on a new album and played a few new tracks at the show.  They’re nasty as nasty can be.  Check out “Genesis” below and tell me you’re not hooked.


Buffalo’s own Vertigo Freeway has been making a name for themselves locally for a little while now.  The guys are going to release their upcoming album and just put out this new track recently “Inpensi Omnia”.  Oh, and proceeds from the new song are going to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline….and it was even premiered on Slam Worldwide!  The blackened death metal newcomers are releasing their self titled album on July 16th.  You can check out that track and their previous album “Paranoia”.



The sci-fi influenced tech death band with some classic death metal nods released a killer album last week titled “Paradox”.  It’s been in heavy rotation with me personally with the band’s brilliant formula.  The vocals have that late 1980’s death metal influence and the music holds up very well.  They’ve been a decent topic of discussion I’ve seen on the internet with their recent release, but incase you haven’t heard of this band yet you can check out “Paradox” below!

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