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Demiurgon Official Premiere Of “Il Culto Cannibale”

Italian death metal newcomers Demiurgon are premiering a new song today from their sophomore release ” The Oblivious Lure”.  It’s slated for a July 12th release on their new label the awesome Everlasting Spew Records.  The track is a ferocious, technical trip down death metal lane.  The varied speeds, riffs and impressive vocals are never ending. The drumming is ridiculously good, and shows they’re not a one album wonder by any means.  Demiurgon released a single not too long ago you can check out right here titled “Kapalikas”.

Now for the track we are premiering here at TMR, vocalist Stefano Borciani had this to say about the song:

“The track “Il culto Cannibale” is an homage to the italian comic book series “The Cannibal Family” released by Edizioni Inkiostro, a creation of Stefano Fantelli and Rossano Piccioni.
The comic book and the track, consequentially talk about a very peculiar family whose founder LITERALLY devours the worst elements of our society: It’s the message of a strong post modern hero who quickly caught the interest of many readers in Italy, myself included. I found this to be very well fitting with the album’s mood since we speak about social issues in quite a few tracks.”

Tito of Everlasting Spew also had something to say:

“I share with Stefano the same huge passion for horror literature and comic books so I couldn’t be happier to find out Stefano took the chance to do this homage. All involving our third, huge mutual passion… death metal, of course”


Enjoy this wild track metalheads!

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