Category: Brutal Death Metal

Pathology release “Pit Of Bones” guitar & bass playthrough

Pathology have released a playthrough of the song “Pit Of Bones” from their new album “Reborn To Kill”.  Check out the video if you’re into death metal, and a great band at that.  Even more so if you’re a guitar or bass player!  Don’t forget to check out their […]


Disentomb- The Decaying Light

One of my favorite death metal bands of today are the underdogs Disentomb is releasing their first album in 5 years with “The Decaying Light”.  It’s been a while since their 2014 smasher “Misery” and they’re not really like many death metal bands.  They add a lot of slower doom […]

Brand Of Sacrifice- Godhand

Brand Of Sacrifice is releasing their nasty full length album “Godhand” this Friday July 5th.  Their EP “The Interstice” caught my attention last year, most notably with their nasty grooves and vocals as well.  This whole band just clicks, and it comes to fruition on “Godhand”.  It also caught […]