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Defeated Sanity- The Sanguinary Impetus

Brutal Death Metal/Slam/Tech legends Defeated Sanity have graced their brutal presence again with their upcoming release “The Sanguinary Impetus” out on July 24th on Willowtip Records.  One big change this time around is drummer Lille Gruber did the guitars for the album and well it definitely influenced the album in a wild manner.  Every release this band has put out has been wild (brutally, technically or well both honestly) and is a huge pile of gold any album you prefer.  Is it their best? It’s the cliche thing for a band to say their upcoming release is their best especially one like Defeated Sanity who has a huge track record in the extreme metal community.  Is it another “Passages” or “Chapters”? No, because I think every release of theirs (including my personal favorite Disposal Of The Dead/Dharmata the double album that split their brutal death metal style on the first half and the second half Dharmata was more progressive) is still a bit different than the previous release.  This one is definitely no exception.

“The Sanguinary Impetus” is blisteringly heavy as expected, but this time around is a bit more chaotic and just as intense crammed into shorter (for the most part) tracks that tend to stick around or under 3 minutes give or take.  There are plenty of groovy passages the trio knocks out many times in your spin through the record that might remind you of their past achievements, yet still holds its own in today’s standards of death metal.


As a fellow artist I totally agree with not doing the same thing over every time (unless you’re Slayer or AC/DC?) and if you’re expecting v2.0 of one of their classic albums, you can throw that right out the window.  Blistering drum fills from Gruber are just as punishing as his guitar riffs that keep this record pummeling along from the first second.     The vocals are brutal as ever and the bass is just as heavy trust me.  Does this great band have anything to prove? Not really, I think their stamp in the death metal community is heavily approved and have influenced a ton of bands.  This time around, I think Gruber’s talents shine even more considering he composed the guitar work as well as his awesome drum work.  He’s a well respected drummer in the community but I actually didn’t know he played guitar as well.

If you’re a fan of their classic brutal/technical albums, fear not because the master himself Colin Marston of Gorguts mixed and mastered this brutal piece of music.  Anything that man is involved with as an artist or producer is gold and “The Sanguinary Impetus” is a pretty stellar output.  Not many death metal bands these days make a brutal and technical album all in the same vein, but the masters themselves Defeated Sanity yet again have done such this.  Youngbloods, pay attention to this great band’s compositions if you want to be brutal and complex.

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  1. Lille founded Defeated Sanity with his father Wolfgang Teske (RIP 2010) in 94 or something. Wolfgang was originally a jazz drummer and Lille did guitars. You can also search for their very old demos and jazz jams, it’s also interesting. Then they switch their roles and Wolfgang played guitar on “Prelude” and “Psalms” albums as well as performed with the band and composed some stuff for “Chapters”. His last contribution was that heavy AF slow breakdown riff in “Naraka” AFAIK. True legend for me and Lille keeping the torch being a great drummer, guitar player and composer (he actually composed and arranged all DS songs, combined riffs and all that stuff).
    The more we know. Great review of outstanding record

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