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Official Premiere Of Aphotic “Pall Veiled Parturition”

Brutal Death Metal/Slam Metal band Aphotic is teaming up with us today for a gnarly song premiere of their song “Pall Veiled Parturition”.  Enjoy a nasty, brutal slab of death metal on an early Saturday morning to get your day started!  This is what the band has to say about the song:

“Pall Veiled Parturition is the first track we have written since releasing our debut EP “Immurement”. Lyrically, the track is about someone dealing with a rare and devasting mental illness known as Cotard’s Delusion, in which an individual believes that they are dead and trapped in this plane of existence that we all know as life. The track explores the individual’s own struggles with their illness. As well as their need to bury themself alive, essentially attending their own funeral, so that they can pass on, and be reborn into whatever realm of existence comes after the point of death, if any.

This track was written over the early months of 2019 and was recorded during a stressful point in the bands career. We feel that this track is the first step in us beginning find our own sound and has a lot of elements that are going to be expanded upon in much greater detail in future material. Currently we are working on a full-length album, and so far, the tracks are panning out to be a much greater representation on what we want to be as a band. Pulling from each of our own individual tastes more, to creative a more dynamic and unique mix of influences. We have more music coming out this year, and an album planned for release next year. Stay tuned and thank you for the support!”


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