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Official Guitar Playthrough Premiere Of Buried Realm “Embodiment Of The Divine”

Buried Realm is kind enough to team up with us for a nasty guitar playthrough of the song “Embodiment Of The Divine”.  The song is the title track for the upcoming album due out on July 24th which you definitely will want to check out.  If you like technical/melodic prog death metal this project is definitely for you and it tickles a lot of musical senses for you all at once.  The songs groove hard and are very well constructed .  This playthrough of “Embodiment Of The Divine” showcases Josh Dummer’s talents in this one man extravaganza (YUP no outside help, this man is a legitimate musical machine!).  Enjoy the guitar playthrough!

Josh Dummer has this to say about the playthrough:

“After recording the rhythm guitars for the album, I considered reamping with real amps. The first person that popped into my mind was Keith Merrow. We chatted briefly about the project and the tone I was going for. I’ve always dug that classic 5150 sound and was chasing that for this album. After a shootout between several plugins, I decided the TSE X50 sounded great and convincing, so that’s what I went with in the end. My other guitar tracks/ effects were recorded with a Line 6 Pod HD. I believe most of the guests used Axe FX.”  

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