Official Premiere Of Junkowl “Snakecharmer” Drum Playthrough

Montreal’s own Junkowl has teamed up with a groovy stoner metal filled drum playthrough for our drummer friends today here at TMR.  The more “Snakecharmer” plunges forward, the more marijuana you can smell and likelihood the guitarist also probably plays an Orange cabinet.  This stoner groove metal band released their album “Making Out With My Death” recently as well.  Their drummer Domnic Labrie has this to say about the video and his gear:

“It was hard for me to pick a song to play off our album because I like them all. I picked “Snakecharmer” because it has a solid intro, a good flow and I really enjoy playing the heavy outro. 

This is my setup:
Snare: DW collector’s series polished chrome over steel 6.5’’ x 14’’ Tom and floor toms: DW collector’s series maple
Tom: 12’’x9’’
Floor toms: 14’’x14’’ and 16’’x16’’
Bass drum: fibes maple 24’’x16’’
Hi hats: Sabian AAX 14’’
Ride: Zildjian Armand ride 21’’
Crash: Sabian AA medium 18’’ and another ride that I used as a crash HHX groove ride 21’’ 

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