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Official Premiere Of Junkowl “Snakecharmer” Drum Playthrough

Montreal’s own Junkowl has teamed up with a groovy stoner metal filled drum playthrough for our drummer friends today here at TMR.  The more “Snakecharmer” plunges forward, the more marijuana you can smell and likelihood the guitarist also probably plays an Orange cabinet.  This stoner groove metal band released their […]

Jollymon- Voidwalker

  Now, there has been a decent number of bands and artists that have reached out to me since the website’s inception in February.  This has to be one of the coolest bands I digitally laid my hands on since then in the sense its not another kiler […]

Jollymon- Voidwalker Album Stream

  ‘Member the title track I streamed off the Jollymon guys latest album Voidwalker? Today I am excited to announce the full album stream, ahead of it’s official release June 8th! They’re a great melodic stoner rock band that tickles the fancy of many people, younger and older…..they […]

Matter of Planets April 2018 Interview

Matter Of Planets is an instrumental progressive rock/metal band from Ohio that has finished a follow up to their technical, intricate and smashing debut album “Ballad Of Baberaham”.  I recently had a conversation with the drummer Joel about the band amongst other things. Their new album “Somewhere Out Among […]