Jollymon- Voidwalker Album Stream



‘Member the title track I streamed off the Jollymon guys latest album Voidwalker? Today I am excited to announce the full album stream, ahead of it’s official release June 8th! They’re a great melodic stoner rock band that tickles the fancy of many people, younger and older…..they have carefully crafted a great sound of multiple genres that should catapult them into spacey and groovy realms.

Enjoy the album folks! Don’t forget to support the band by preordering Voidwalker!

They’re also playing a CD release show the day of Voidwalker’s release….if you live in or near Oregon, GO!

JOLLYMON Record Release Show!! With Shelter Red and Cedar&Crows

The Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E Burnside Street, Portland


Voidwalker track listing:

  1. Tsunami
  2. Monlekyhawk
  3. A Good Day
  4. Be Nice
  5. Slice Of Life
  6. Forecast
  7. Missile Commander
  8. Void Walker
  9. Sky Burial


Monkey Hawk

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