Brett Garsed….insanely fun fusion.


This man is mind blowing, to say the least.  Brett Garsed is in Australian jazz fusion guitarist who continues to wow people with his phenomenal technique and clarity in his playing……initially, that’s what impressed me.  He isn’t using much gain, and doesn’t miss a note or mutes anything.  Here’s another…..


In my short time of knowing Garsed and his music, I’m awfully impressed.  It’s such a oddball genre that helped shape the different forms of progressive genres.


The Australian can really play…..can’t he? I have dived a bit deeper into the genre occasionally and really love the freedom of different fusion stylings.  I think jazz is a great genre, but love to see other artists and guitar players alike adding more genres to jazz to spice it up and try new stuff.  I really dig Garsed, and so should you.  The dude is electric and should support him.

Brett Garsed

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