Jollymon- Void Walker song premeire



Melodic Stoner Rock Band Jollymon is releasing Void Walker On June 8th.  We have a melodic, sludgy, heavy release for you all.



Pretty cool…..right? It’s kinda like Mastodon, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Clutch got drunk and had a child. But, it was not a mistake! This is a gritty, melodic band with relentless riffs and killer rhythms that make you want more. John’s guitar playing is very eclectic….all kinds of mood changes and great guitar leads that should make you wear your seat belt while driving.

Mark and Carey’s chemistry in the rhythm section on the Drums and Bass respectively add a lot more flavor to Jollymon.  Carey also has some cool occasional vocal effects that make their music spacey, if ya know what I mean.

Enjoy the track folks. Expect more when their album drops June 8th.


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  1. As a fan from the beginning in Eugene to now, this song sounds amazing. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. The mystical music fans need this kind of sound in the cosmic world we live in🤘

  2. So excited to see this here! Wasn’t around for the early stuff, but I’ve been to a few of their live shows and the music is awesome! Thanks for posting this

  3. The new music sounds inspired, but yet quite familiar to their free flowing grove style that the old school fans will appreciate. I personally am counting down the days till their full album release.

  4. Yes!!! The dark ages have finally ended! The mighty Jollymon has returned!!! They were silent for far too long! Cannot wait for June 8th and the release of Void Walker!!!

  5. This album is incredible. Anyone who’s been bored with the hard rock and heavy metal bands not having originality, ACTUAL guitar solos, riffs and hooks, and songs you’ll remember almost instantly, will LOVE this album. Carey’s vocals are great, John’s guitars are swirling, heavy and chunky, his solos sound like a guitar solo should. Some of the songs are like driving stoplight to stoplight. Punch it, slows down, stop, repeat. It’s a very catchy album, and every song is great. Carey’s bass tones have a real doomy thunder to them, john’s guitar tones so bright, and the leads sound just as a lead guitar SHOULD. Mark doesn’t let up either, he’s not afraid of the double bass, loves his cymbals and between he and Carey, they keep the groove right where it needs to be.

    This was the hard rock album I’ve been needing for years. Their best album to date easily, and for me, the best hard rock album I’ve heard in a loooooong time.

    This album will not disappoint anyone who likes and loves hard music.

  6. Thanks again,jollymon another great album for the times,I’ve been a fan for years and I’m happy to here that the magic is back,keep on doing what you guys do its definitely a gift to the world, peace

  7. I am a newcomer to Jollymon, and I am quite impressed with their new releases! I love the sound Jollymon creates; its spacey metal at its finest!

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