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Ahtme- Mephitic

Kansas City buds Ahtme are releasing their sophomore album “Mephitic” this Friday July 24th.  Not only are they one of the most under appreciated bands right now, they’re equally as nice guys as well.  I was hooked on the moment I was able to check out “Sewerborn” which was their first album after they rebranded from their old name “A Roman Holiday”.  What do you have in this superb up and coming band? Wild riffs, a great rhythm section and an insanely powerful vocalist who I can attest for all of this as I was able to see them live.  Just like their label mates Murder Made God you can definitely hear more and more of that groovy/technical Decapitated influence the more you listen to their library.  Not many death metal bands can write very interesting sections while keeping a great groove.  Some bands are in over their head with overcomplicated music, and can’t keep a groove to save their life.  Ahtme has found a great middle ground and reel you in the moment this album starts, just like “Sewerborn”.

Maybe I’m a bit too connected with the debut, but I think the boys may have overdid themselves.  It sucks they can’t get out and play shows to promote this monster album and I guarantee it will fly under a ton of people’s radars unfortunately.  I’ll keep pushing their work as long as they’re around that’s for damn sure.  I definitely think the band as a whole definitely improved as songwriters with some pretty good structure.  I for one love their artwork, as the detail behind “Sewerborn” was the hideous creature is a mixture of the band member’s faces.  Low and behold, this one is pretty nuts too. Either way, I think the uniqueness of it is attractive in a really disgusting way that Lord Ahtme would appreciate.


I mean, the vocalist Brent is slightly reminiscent of Vogg for fuck’s sake!  What more can one want out of a death metal band? Memorable riffs, pounding rhythms, emotional and brutal vocals with shit inspired lyrics to tie the shit bow on top….what more could you ask from the almighty Ahtme? I’m very proud of them for releasing such a stellar album in “Mephitic” and think everyone should hop aboard their bandwagon.  Bring a raincoat, it’s gonna get nasty.  You can check out the two singles they released below, as well.


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