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Murder Made God- Endless Return

Greek’s own Murder Made God are releasing their 3rd album “Endless Return” (and their Unique Leader Records debut!) on September 20th.  I got into this stellar band because of their genre pushing style of death metal with a hint of complexity in their passages.  Great vocals and rhythms really drove it home for me, but this third album will woo you if you’re a tech dork like myself.  They didn’t go soft by any means, but if anything dramatically upped their songwriting game especially on guitar.  Why am I really high on their upcoming release?  Because they have that perfect mix of brutality and technicality like one of my death metal favorites….Decapitated.  Time will tell if they will become as great as the Polish legends, but hot dang is “Endless Return” ever a stellar release.

The guitar work is just ever so awesome.  A huge change of things with wilder sections, more adventurous and the band dives into groovier and more complex riffs. MMG brings a very slight hint of modernity on “Endless Return” but it’s not overwhelming by any means.  2016’s release “Enslaved” introduced me to these guys personally, and this is the biggest improvement since then is the guitar work and songwriting as well.



Vocals- George
Guitars- Dennis
Bass- Stelios
Drums- Tolis

The vocals are really consistent, if that’s the style you’re into.  George doesn’t really leave the middle range of his gutturals if ever on the album.  His voice is pretty majestic and fits in with the sound of MMG.  The drums are a driving force behind their sound and Tolis really puts on a clinic on this release.  He doesn’t really venture go beyond his means and overdo it…..there’s some good fills and doesn’t add anything that disrupts the grove of the band’s songs.  The bassist Stelios has some very good lines too and really enjoy the combo in regards to their rhythm section.  They mesh together pretty good in my opinion.

Any tech fan will probably enjoy their third release, and I think it’s a pretty good continuation to this newer band’s journey.  “Endless Return” will give you exactly what it says: an endless return of technical and brutal death metal.

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