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Visceral Disgorge August/September 2019 Interview

Visceral Disgorge is finally releasing their sophomore album “Slithering Evisceration” and we caught up with the drummer Billy Denne on that album upon many other things.  We hope you enjoy this one death metal fans!


TMR:  “Ingesting Putridity” is easily one of the genre’s better debut releases for any band of the last decade. Explain the steps leading up to the birth of “Slithering Eviscerarion”. Was there any pressure? Or was it just a culmination of music you’ve had for years since the debut?  

Bill : Since Ingesting Putridity came out there where a lot of curve balls and rocky roads in store for the band. There was absolutely a large amount of pressure on the band, but it all came after the final lineup became solid. Touring for the first album was finally completed and then came the demand for a new album! Some songs where created by ideas made along the way, but others needed some time to make sure we didn’t strive to far from the original sound and upset all the fans and metal goers!


TMR: I for one respect your choice to try something different. Speeding up brutal death metal is pretty nasty and I really like the experiment you guys put in place. It kinda goes against the stereotype of slow, groovy brutal death metal. How did this idea come to fruition? It’s so gnarly!

Bill: THANK YOU! We are brutal death metal! BRUTAL is the key word to us, well me anyway, and I know we shared the idea that our music could push harder! Ingesting putridity was put on some ridiculous pedestal in a time where it was the thing to be slow and sludge like with some intertwined fast drumming….. well what happens if you create riffs that are similar in style, but faster tempo? When the drums are amped up with more intense beats? Visceral Disgorge wanted to create music that was brutal in every way, and I think we captured our feeling in this new album! 

TMR: I got into this nasty genre thanks to Suffocation. Tell our followers your favorite stories, moments and anything related to the final tour with Frank your band was a part of. And while you’re at it, anything Suffocation related. And do you think Myers is a fit replacement? I enjoyed Kevin Muller fronting the band, personally.

Bill: Holy wow haha, there where some pretty gnarly stories from that farewell tour, most of which I won’t / can’t tell… On top of bro-ing down with suffo, cattle, and krisiun, we had played a show at gramercy theater (franks hometown) and prior to getting there I had purchased an all black cane. Through the tour I’d have every member of the bands and crews sign it as a farewell gift and gave it to him on stage at this show! He teared up and debated breaking it over my head! All in good fun though, piggy backing of the retirement home from old age, he continued to slay the tour haha! I’m sure Myers will crush with Suffocation! He’s got some enormous shoes to fill so he better go hard 🤘🏻

TMR: What plans do you have involved with the release of “Slithering Evisceration”?

Bill: Well there’s touring, merchandise, videos, reprinting, more touring, festivals, and I believe some photos! It’s a super busy time, and we won’t stop!
TMR: Suggest our followers some new brutal bands you may have checked out or played a show with. 
Bill: Sooo I can think of a few…. Desecrate The Faith out of Texas, they have a new album coming out… Seas Of Malice off of the east coast has some stuff coming out soon… people need to stop sleeping and go to some local metal shows! The local acts that have opened up for us are some baller dudes with some great music to share!
TMR: You open up your fridge….what’s in it?
Bill: (pre emotive sorry) 10 packs of hotdogs, 2 gallons of milk, 5 pounds of assorted meats, ranch and a ridiculous amount of hot sauces, Coors Lights, rum, whiskey and GALLONS OF WATER ! Pretty weird yeah, but I eat way to much ridiculous shit haha!!!

TMR: What band(s) would you love to play with you haven’t yet?

Bill: Hmm….. Necrophagist! I would love to tour with origin or cattle again. Fleshgod Apocalypse would be killer to tour with…. even Behemoth or Dimmu, given the chance! Personally, I want to tour with the ones who changed my life in the music world!

TMR: We take a gander at your album collection. What releases would we be surprised you own? Guilty pleasures are always welcome.

Bill: I have a stupid amount of classical music and video game music lol! But, I have all the edge of sanity releases! The complete Opeth discography! Static x and lorn full discographies haha! My music taste is a mess!

TMR: Your favorite beer? If you say PBR I don’t judge.

Bill: we have a Gastropub in Columbia here in Maryland with a UK beer that is strawberry flavored! Can’t remember the name but I could drink them until I’m blind! If I have to choose from a bar….. coors light! If it’s free at a show…… not Yuengling!
TMR: Explain the inspiration for the lyrics and artwork of “Slithering Evisceration”.
Bill: when Travis brought the idea of destroying the world to the table we collectively wanted it to be a monster/alien or an other worldly being! So he went from there and created this Entity from another dimension and used lyrics to describe the decimation is caused to existence! 

TMR: What is everyone’s favorite song you wrote as a band? And if you were introducing someone to Visceral Disgorge what song would you show them first and why?

Bill: We all have different favorite songs! My favorite is probably the least favorite of the band lol! But collectively I believe everyone enjoys playing Absorbed By The Swarm! And the first song I go to when showing us off is Necrocoprophagia! All around good song with a hurtful ending.

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