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Visceral Disgorge- Slithering Evisceration

Visceral Disgorge is set to release their sophomore album “Slithering Evisceration” on September 13th.  Their debut “Ingesting Putridity” was such a slamming hit it took them years to compose some sort of follow up…..and here we are 8 years later.  Following such an impressive release to start off your band is pretty tough to do, and did so in a slightly different way.  Don’t worry, VD is super heavy and very much still brutal.  The songs are much faster than expected in brutal death metal, and that’s not a bad thing.  Maybe the guys want to try a different idea and break themselves apart from the norm? Either way, it’s a pretty good album and for one dig faster brutal death metal!

The vocals are nasty, raw and disgusting.  Travis Werner proves why he’s one of my favorite death metal vocalists in modern times….you can also hear him clearly (to an extent) and he can annunciate! Yes, it’s exciting because a lot of death metal vocalists especially on the brutal realms can’t be understood….unless you cheat and look up the lyrics.  His emotion fits in with the band and has no trouble keeping up with the quicker sections that were previously mentioned.


Travis Werner – Vocals
Charlie Marvel – Guitars
Steve Miles – Guitars
Eric Little – Bass
Billy Denne – Drums

The drums are one of the most important elements of this album…..the increased speed demands a lot more effort and boy did Denne rise to the occasion.  Those beautiful, clear machine gun like blast beats are so clear I smiled ear to ear.  The fills are great, and not forced…in fact, they’re very tasteful.  Lots of artists try to look better and overdo it, but in fact the drums totally drive the music on “Sliterhing Evisceration”.  There are some nice bass fills on the album as well.  Rhythm is key especially in death metal, and these two gentlemen really click and it shows.

I may get crap for this but with the slight curveball thrown in sound, I think the riffs are actually a bit better in comparison to “Ingesting Putridity”.  It’s an awesome debut don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not hammering it.  I think the fact their music is quicker gave the guitarists more to work with speed wise.  The riffs are a lot more tasteful and varied rather than slower and nasty…..more diverse so to say.

Visceral Disgorge has worked their way up from their amazing debut album and played their ass off for years while we anxiously awaited a follow up.  When Soreption dropped off the Suffocation tour with Frank Mullen’s final North American tour, these guys got rightfully added.  Baltimore has a lot to be proud of between Visceral Disgorge and Wormhole for death metal, and they carry that flag really high.  Some fans may not dig a quicker version of the band and I understand it.  “Slithering Evisceration” grabs you from the throat the very first second and doesn’t let go until the end of the album.

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